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Social Justice?

Justice has been part of our society from the very beginning. Justice means to set things right. We carry the innate sense of right and wrong. When one does the right thing, we will praise them, but when one does the wrong thing, we feel the need to right the wrong.

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree, the wrong, they were cursed. This was justice. When the Israelites worshipped other gods, the wrong, they were carried away in exile. This was justice. God is a just God (Deut. 32:4), that is why justice had to take place where a wrong has been done. Where mankind commits sin against God and His law, justice needs to take place, because He is a just God. The standard by which they are judged is God's standards.

Social justice has a variety of different meanings, it all depends on where you search for it. Most definitions have these three things as the overarching core of social justice: equal rights, equal opportunities and equal treatment for all. Where wrongs have been committed to people based on their race, gender, sexuality and economic status people have stood up against these ill treatments and challenged the norms of the society to change. The standard by which these injustices are judged are sometimes the constitution and in other cases ones own feelings.

The difference is the sense of justice. Are we going to use God's standard or are we going to use the standard we set for ourselves. As a follower of Christ you are called to stand up against injustice, especially the vulnerable and needy (Isa. 1:17; Pro. 31:8-9). When standing against injustice we are to do it in a manner that will glorify God, with love and kindness.

Everywhere Jesus walked, justice was a priority for Him. In John 8 we read about the story of the woman that was caught in adultery. The justice, according to the law of Moses, that had to take place was stoning the woman to death, but Jesus challenged the scribes and Pharisees to throw the first rock if they are sinless. Jesus was the one who could have thrown a rock, but He did not. Jesus prioritised spiritual justice over worldly justice. Matthew 8 we read about Jesus healing the leper. The injustice was alienating people with leprosy and casting them out of the city gates by the society, but Jesus touched the man. This man was ill treated by the society and Jesus challenged the norms of society.

What should you do?

  1. Get to know God's sense of justice.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you when reading the Word and have an eternal mindset. We are called to spread the Gospel and point people to Jesus first.

  1. Stand against injustice with love and kindness, like Jesus did when He was on earth.

Do not allow your feelings and emotions to guide you, but always imitate Christ (1 Cor. 11:1).

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